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Poland Food

food, cooking and other aspects connected with this topic). I would like to write that I'm from Poland and I like our traditional food recipes. There many opinions about it. In this article I would like to write about recipes, opinions about it and maybe I will give you some examples of traditional Polish meals. Read this article to the end and maybe you will find some interesting information in it. 

Poland Food

In this part of the article I would like to give you some information about food recipes. It's difficult to find "pure" Polish meals. Many countries and cultures influenced our food (for example such countries as Germany, France, Italy, oriental countries etc). Typical Polish food is connected with Slavonic countries.

I want to provide you some information about history of Polish recipes. Our food is considered as spicy, with a lot of meat and grits. Meals in these times used a lot of relishes such as pepper, nutmeg and other kinds of relishes. There were very popular kinds of food and ingredients many years ago such as honey, turnip and peas. People were drinking beer, honey and wine which was imported from Silesia and Hungary. Queen Bona Sforza had a big influence on Polish food recipes. She brought Italian cooks to Poland. Polish food recipes have changed a lot.

Poland Food

I think that these are the most important facts about Polish food recipes and their history. I would like to give you some examples of traditional Polish meals. First, there is the Easter cake (dame) which came to Poland from Belarus and Lithuania. The next typical Polish dish is red borsch (which came from Lithuania) and white borsch. Don't forget about gallimaufry. Many people think that it was invented by Poles, but this dish came to Poland also from Lithuania. Typical dishes that came from Poland are boiled vegetables with butter, Polish zander, and boiled potatoes and fore shank.

Now we can't talk about uniform Polish cooking, because there are different habits in different parts of Poland (it's called regional cooking). Regional Polish food recipes are becoming very popular in Europe. I hope they will be popular in the whole world soon.

That's all that I wanted to write about Polish cooking. I think that examples of traditional Polish food and information about its history were interesting. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this text. I'm going to write more culinary articles in the future.

Polish Recipes

Polish cake recipes (and cakes of course). Traditional Polish cakes are very big, colorful and very tasty.
Let's start with the poppy-seed cake. This kind of cake is god for every occasion in Poland. It's very cheap, tasty and easy to prepare. Traditional poppy-seed cake is made of poppy-seed, flour, butter, yeast, sugar, eggs, salt, powdered sugar. There are many poppy-seed recipes. You can add apple to them or other additions such as meringue, nuts etc. I really recommend this very tasty cake for every occasion. It's perfect for Easter, Christmas, birthday or you can prepare it without any occasion. I'm sure that your family will be very happy about that. Polish Recipes 
The next kind of traditional Polish cake is dame which is made of sand cake (it was described in my previous article, I was also describing dame in my previous articles). It's very cheap and tasty kind of cake. You can eat it and you don't have to worry about being overweight because of eating it. Typical ingredients for it are: sand cake, sugar and eventually some additions, for example chocolate custard. Of course there are many recipes for this cake, so everybody can find something that fits his/her requirements.

The last kind of a cake that I'm going to describe is ginger cake. There are many ginger recipes in Poland. It can be prepared in a form of cake and in form of biscuits. The best ingredients for typical Polish ginger cake are honey, sugar, butter, flour, eggs, soda, milk, ginger cake relish, salt and some fat to form. These ingredients are very cheap, so the cake is very cheap too. I want to add that it's very tasty. It's perfect for Christmas. In many households it's one of traditional 12 meals on Christmas Eve table. I recommend this cake. There are lots of ginger  so this kind of cake is very varied.

Polish Food Online

Polish food is great. If you have ever tasted Pierogi, Golabki, Duck with Apples or, say, Roasted Trout, you'll most likely agree with that right away. But there are many more dishes and Polish cuisine is really worth exploring. It offers a rich choice of tastes and flavors, which makes any food lover happy.                  PolishFood Online
Where does this enjoyable variety come from? First of tradition and history. A few centuries ago Poland was one of the biggest countries in the world - home to many different nationalities. Not only did they provide they own culinary input, but Polish nobility were always eager to include novelties from abroad into their cooking. In this way Polish food became a term encompasssing a great deal of  ideas, stemming from inside and outside the country alike. And that's exactly why in Polish cuisine you'll find Ukrainian, French, German, Italian, Jewish, Hungarian, Oriental and other influences.

 Polish Food Online

Variety is a great thing, you might say, but is there anything more specific that could be said about Polish food? It is usually claimed that there's a lot of meat in Polish cooking and that it's dominated by dense, "heavy" sauces. Poles are also said to have inclination for sweet things. There is much truth in these opinions. It is also true that many of the Polish traditional dishes are not particularly healthy. But that is no reason to give up Polish food. First of all the "unhealthy" (but very tasty) things may be safely enjoyed provided that you eat them in moderation. Probably every cuisine has such items. And apart from that it is absolutely possible to find enough of great Polish recipes for dishes which will satisfy your palate and be good for your health at the same time. Fish, dumplings and various soups are just some examples. 

 PolishFood Online

It is worth noticing that there's more than just tradition to Polish cuisine. Modern Polish cooks use modern trends and their original ideas. As a result even a modest herring may become an unexpectedly thrilling experience. So in order to really know what Polish food is like, you'll have to actually taste it. The best way of doing that is of course by coming to  Poland. It is after all in its native land, where a cuisine can be best appreciated.  Restaurants, regional food makers, people, places and, last but least, drink. But finding a reliable Polish food supplier or restaurant may also be a satisfiable solution. Just don't be tricked by cheap imitations :)
Polish cuisine of today still keeps developing. Just like any great cuisine of a living nation. lthough some bad habits form that era still linger on, freedom of creation along with good old recipes have made wonders.